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More About Our Classes

In all our classes, we welcome beginners wholeheartedly! Yoga is a journey, and we understand that everyone starts somewhere. It’s important to listen to your body, and taking breaks during practice is encouraged. Our experienced instructors are here to support and guide you on this journey, encouraging self-compassion and patience as you explore postures. Embrace the process; certain poses may take time to master. Yoga’s essence lies in the mind-body-soul connection. Join us, and start your hot yoga journey with curiosity and excitement!

Classic 60, 75 & 90

Step into the healing embrace of our Bikram yoga class. An invigorating practice in a heated room (42°C, 40% humidity). Featuring 26 poses and focused breathing exercises. Elevate your flexibility, detoxify your body, and find tranquillity within. Unveil strength and mental clarity through this transformative experience. Suitable for beginners.

Key Benefits: • Enhanced Flexibility • Detoxification • Mental Clarity/Stress Relief • Inner Strength Target Areas: • Improved Spinal Flexibility • Strengthened Core and Leg Muscles • Enhanced Joint Mobility

Flow 75

Revitalise in our Vinyasa Flow class, practising dynamic postures to music, in a heated room (38°C, 40% humidity). Energise, detoxify and explore body capabilities. Synchronise breathe with movement and discover body insights. Leave feeling invigorated. Suitable for beginners.

Key Benefits: • Energy Boost • Detoxification • Enhanced Flexibility • Mind-Body Connection Target Areas: • Full Body Engagement • Increased Flexibility in Hips and Shoulders • Strengthened Core Muscles

Ying Yang 75

Dynamic Yang phase in a heated room (38°C, 40% humidity) enhances strength and flexibility; Tranquil Yin phase features deep stretches and longer holds without the heat. Music promotes relaxation. Suitable for all levels, find harmony between effort and surrender.

Key Benefits: • Strength and Flexibility • Deep Stretching • Relaxation • Mind-Body Balance • Stress Relief Target Areas: • Yang Phase: Strength and Flexibility in Whole Body • Yin Phase: Deep Stretches for Hips, Spine, and Shoulders • Mindful Relaxation and Balance

Candle 75

Immerse in 75 mins of traditional hot yoga, guided by Bikram Choudhury’s method. An invigorating practice in a heated room (42°C, 40% humidity). Enhance flexibility, strength, and detoxification through 26 poses and breathing exercises in a serene, candlelit space with soothing music. Find mental focus and relaxation. Suitable for beginners.

Key Benefits: • Improved Flexibility • Enhanced Strength • Detoxification • Mental Focus • Relaxation Target Areas: • Improved Spinal Flexibility • Strengthened Core and Leg Muscles • Enhanced Joint Mobility

Yin 60

In our 60-min candlelit class, discover tranquillity with extended stretches (1-5 mins/pose) targeting joints, ligaments, and connective tissues. Enhance flexibility, inner peace, and tension release. All levels are welcome. Let soothing music deepen your unwinding journey.

Key Benefits: • Deep Stretching • Flexibility Enhancement • Inner Peace • Tension Release • Mind-Body Relaxation Target Areas: • Joints and Ligaments • Connective Tissues • Mindful Stillness

Kids Yoga House

Welcome to our 90-minute Kids Yoga House workshop! Children will embark on an enchanting journey as they explore yoga through storytelling, creative poses, and playful activities. Our experienced instructors will lead them in cultivating strength, flexibility, and focus while fostering a sense of imagination and relaxation. This interactive and joyful workshop is designed to inspire young hearts and minds. Join us for a magical yoga adventure! 🌈🧘‍♀️🏠🧘‍♂️

One-One Private Session

Experience the ultimate personalised hot yoga journey with our one-to-one sessions. Tailored to your preferences, you can choose the postures you want to focus on or inform us about any specific injuries. Our skilled instructor will guide you through a safe and customised practice, in a nurturing environment, ensuring maximum benefits and growth in your hot yoga practice. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, discover the true essence of yoga through individual attention and support.

Private Group Sessions

Welcome to our private hot yoga group sessions, catering to small or larger groups of up to 40 students. Our sessions are expertly tailored to meet your group’s specific needs, from beginners to experienced yogis. Whether you seek fun, uplifting, and energizing flows or a gentle introduction to yoga, our skilled instructors will create an invigorating experience for all. Come together, embrace the heat, and enjoy the transformative power of yoga in a supportive and inclusive environment.