Meet Our Teachers

  • Leanne WestonLeanne Weston
    x After training with Bikram Choudhary, the original hot yoga guru, Leanne graduated in LA in 2012 and came back to London to share her knowledge. Leanne teaches a strong and powerful class whilst bringing calm and balance into the room. Giving her students time to switch off from the outside world and reconnect with themselves. After discovering this moving meditation and relieving herself from over 10 years of back pain (caused by scoliosis) through yoga, she is dedicated to guiding her students through their practice to see what it can bring for them. Leanne’s classes are fun, energetic and also challenging. With her clear passion for yoga you will leave each class feeling inspired and uplifted.
  • Amy PartridgeAmy Partridge
    x Amy started her yoga journey when travelling almost a decade ago. She was introduced to yoga in Thailand and India where she fell in love with the incredible feeling that the practice brought to the mind and the body. After coming back from her travels, Amy would travel up to two hours to get her daily practice in. Amy then had a vision to bring the passion she had for the yoga and to give what the yoga has given to her to her local community. In 2012 Amy went to complete her Bikram Yoga teacher training alongside her best friend Leanne. For 3 years, blood sweat and tears were put into making Amy’s dream come true. In 2012 Amy (and Leanne) opened Hot Yoga House. Amy teaches Classic styles at HYH and enjoys bringing power, strength and energy to the body but with a calm and clear the mind – the perfect balance.
  • Lois KellyLois Kelly
    x Lois Kelly is a Yoga Teacher and Functional Movement Specialist. Initially brought to yoga by the physical practice, Lois was soon drawn to the emotional and mental benefits, weaving them together to bring balance to her students. Her passion is to help students find freedom of movement and to build the connection between body and mind. Lois’s playful classes will challenge you, whilst helping you to find a softness and ease within your body. You can expect lots of variation, sensitive assists and most importantly to leave the class with a smile on your face!  
  • Natalie SmikleNatalie Smikle
    x Natalie is an encouraging teacher who believes strongly in the healing power of yoga having experienced her own accomplishments both on and off the mat. Bringing humour and compassion to the room, Natalie reminds her yogis to practice freely and fearlessly whilst teaching the simple, powerful foundations of Baptiste inspired Yoga to craft sweaty and dynamic flows.
  • Rachel ColemanRachel Coleman
    x Before I discovered yoga I had a hectic job, working long hours and partying for even longer hours! I was stressed, over worked, over weight, and struggling to find a work / life balance. My friend dragged me to my first Bikram Yoga class (after 3 months of persistent persuasion) and I was hooked after my first class. I slept like a baby and kept going back for more. I practiced 5 times a week for two years and couldn't believe the transformation physically and mentally. There were so many benefits. My flexibility improved, muscle tone, weight lose and I had clearer skin. Everybody noticed the difference the yoga was making. Then I made the leap. I quit my job, sold my car and went to L.A for 9 weeks on the Bikram Yoga teacher training and the rest is history!
  • Rob GarradRob Garrad
    x Rob was first introduced to yoga by a fellow dancer friend whilst working as a professional dancer in the tv/film industry. He instantly loved yoga but it was when he discovered Vinyasa Flow Yoga at HYH that his passion for it really took off and his practice got more consistent. He travelled to Goa to complete his 200 hours Vinyasa & Rocket teacher training with The Yoga People. He loved how challenging it was and how well it worked shoulder and core strength.  He absolutely loves teaching yoga; helping others with their journey and feels incredibly blessed to wake up every day excited for the day ahead!
  • Tifuh MunaTifuh Muna
    x Yoga found me back in the days when fitness trainer in Paris , something about the practice just made it feel right in my soul , the philosophy knitted into the asanas brought magic into my world . Everything came into place , this led me to Laughing lotus NYC where I did my first teachers training in 2015 , after about 2 decades in the French fitness scene , I decided to let go of everything and embrace this new journey. I traveled around for 2 years , from California to India to Tahiti, Tanzania...learning , growing... realizing that this beautiful journey is a life long one .
  • Peggy-Rose CradduckPeggy-Rose Cradduck
    x I was introduced to Bikram Yoga by a friend who described it as "really hard core, with people doing strange postures in a crazily hot room for 90 mins". I had to try it. I have practiced Bikram Yoga since February 2006 and found, to my delight, that it finally rehabilitated my knee after ACL surgery. Having worked as a management consultant in UK, USA, Europe and Australia for many years, I was looking for a change and decided that 2013 would be the year I became a Bikram Yoga Teacher. After teacher training I left the city job to work freelance, as well as to teach yoga. I am also a Bowen practitioner and Stretch Teacher. Since completing my yoga teacher training in November 2013, I have taught at studios in Montpellier, Glasgow, Australia (Sydney and Canberra), Norwich and, of course, London.
  • Karen PartridgeKaren Partridge
    x I am mummy P or Karen for anyone who doesn't know me. I was introduced to the yoga world by my daughter and co-owner of Hot Yoga House, since the day it opened I have fallen in love with all that yoga can bring, the unity of mind body and soul, the community. Although becoming a yoga teacher was one of the hardest and most challenging things I've ever done, it has given me so, so much. I am now ready to share that; I feel the strongest, healthiest and probably the most confident I’ve ever felt in my life and for the first time in years I am without pain, I have played a lot of sport and was always suffering one joint/muscle pain or another. I long to bring the experience I have enjoyed from yoga to others and share my knowledge and teaching. I believe good posture and body alignment together with improved strength and flexibility are all important to our practice, my class will reflect this passion.
  • Shona LangridgeShona Langridge
    x Yoga is the only activity I’ve ever done where all elements of myself are challenged… physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I’ve been practising yoga for eight years and teaching for four. My first introduction to Yoga was through the practise of Bikram. I swore after my first class I would never do it again….and seven years on, here I am, teaching it, loving it, passionate about it, invigorated by it and above all, inspired by the students that travel with me on their yoga journeys when they step onto their mats. I did my Bikram Teacher Training in Thailand in 2014 and since then have taught in Australia, UK and USA. We all have to start somewhere and there is never any ending to where Yoga can take you…everything we do in our lives is some form of Yoga. There are always ways to grow and develop and this practise allows us to see ourselves as we truly are. After 2 years of teaching Bikram, I was inspired to further my Yoga knowledge in India – training in Vinyasa and Ashtanga at the Vinyasa Yoga Academy in Rishikesh in May 2017. In November 2017 I also extended my training by doing Yin Yoga Part 1 and 2 with Norman Blair - a beautiful inward practise. I'm also trained in Inferno Hot Pilates which I completed in April 2017. It’s hard to articulate the benefits that Yoga has brought to me – but every time I step into the hot room, I simply feel at peace and at rest: like I’ve come home, no matter how difficult it may be that day. For me, yoga is a sanctuary that supports, nurtures, challenges, forgives and encourages growth and self reflection. There is no greater gift that we can give ourselves, than being present to ourselves. Yoga, in any form, does that. It’s been a blessing that has allowed me to deal with many good, bad and ugly moments in my life. Thankfully it’s not WHAT we practise, but HOW we practise that has the impact.
  • Nicola GlennNicola Glenn
    x Nicola began exploring yoga in 2006. At first like so many of us, it was to alleviate stress and fatigue; but during the following couple of years and entering motherhood, yoga classes became a place to safely and happily work through tough days and re-energise. Sharing an accessible yoga practice for all levels, bodies and abilities is what she loves best, so her focus has been to train in a few different styles of Yoga to suit those of us with busy heads, those of us who can't touch our toes, and those wishing to expand an existing practice. In class you will hear, ‘Try not to look at the person next to you, think instead how can you make this pose feel good for your body?” Nicola’s sole aim in teaching a class is to help others leave better than they felt on arrival. Teacher Training began in 2014 and she gained her 500Hrs in 2017. Various teaching styles cover Vinyasa Yoga, Mandala Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Primary, Rocket Yoga (Progressive Ashtanga), Yin Yoga and Meditation; with over 800 hours of continuing training and development. Nicola continues to be an Assistant on Yoga Teacher Trainings, loves to help on Yoga Charity Events and is looking to study Transpersonal Psychology in 2019 to support the mental and emotional work in Yoga.
  • Ferozea HudaFerozea Huda
    x I am a qualified yoga teacher having completed a two year BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) accreditation diploma and previous to that a one year foundation yoga course also with BWY. I have trained in anatomy relating to deep tissue trauma and ‘the subtle energy body system’ such as the Chakra system workshops. My personal interest lies in these two particular features within yoga as well as deep meditation. I have been practising yoga since 2007 which started from having lower back issues. However, through my personal journey which was slow to begin with, I not only started the physical journey of healing, but developed a deep meaningful relationship with ‘SELF/Soul’. Using asana practise and breath work to develop awareness, which in turn develops awareness towards others, the environment, the planet and beyond. Yoga for me is the beginnings of building trust with oneself and the beginnings of healing from the inside out and much more. In the modern ‘age’ we live in, people have forgotten how to ‘breathe’ and make that ‘connection’ to themselves. One ‘conscious’ breath and one ‘still’ moment whereby the mind, body and soul are one is a seed planted for a more conscious way of living.
  • Izzy MacmillanIzzy Macmillan
    x I began my whirlwind yoga journey when my boss introduced yoga to my school as a means of reducing teacher stress. I was absolutely hooked after my first class and was amazed by the effects it had on me, both physically and mentally. I spent my summer in the studio, practising a mixture of yin and the 26+2 sequence. Very quickly yoga became more than a practice on the mat for me; I was studying books, going to workshops and my lifestyle changed completely as I entered into the holistic world. When the opportunity of completing my Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Evolation Yoga came up I knew I had to take it. I feel super lucky to be able to share my love of this practice and the magic of yoga with students.
  • Erin DusekErin Dusek
    x Coming from a commercial dancing background Erin turned to yoga 6 years ago to bring some stillness and calm to a very hectic dance career. Having trained in Rocket and Ashtanga in India, Erin loves to bring a fiery and dynamic practice to her classes which in turn helps to bring clarity and peace of mind through a moving meditation.
  • Michele WalshMichele Walsh
    x I am so delighted to be part of the Hot Yoga House Team. It was in 2015 that I came to my first class at HYH and it was like coming home. This space, this heat, this powerful practice… I knew I was hooked. I started with Bikram and then added Flow to my practice. Attending 4+ classes each week, I have not looked back… I am extremely lucky to have been in the first cohort of teacher training at HYH, training with the incredible Karen Bellfield and Pete Cherry. I have worked with the physical body my entire adult life as a Neuro-Physio and in my work I see every day the total interconnectedness of our physical health and our mental-emotional well-being. In Yoga we have a complete and holistic approach to our well-being: as we work through the heat we build mental fortitude; we develop discipline and focus by persevering through the sequences; and we feel healthier as our bodies become stronger, leaner and more supple. I am passionate about teaching a kind and powerful practice. Coming to my mat brings me joy and well-being and as a teacher I get to share this.
  • Clare RickardClare Rickard
    x As an actor/singer/dancer I have been performing professionally since graduating with a degree in Dance and Theatre performance in 2005. I recently finished performing in 42nd St in the West End. Discovering yoga at 17, I started practicing Ashtanga. During my theatre training I discovered Bikram and loved the intensity of it. Practicing alongside my performance schedule has kept me grounded and focused. I am grateful for the mind/body/breath connection that it instills and the constant challenges and benefits that it brings. I am fascinated by the body, the brain and the power and effect of yoga. Yoga leaves one feeling connected and rejuvenated and helps put things into perspective. In 2016 I became a Yoga Alliance accredited/certified teacher, completing the Fierce Grace teacher training. Having been inspired and influenced by many great teachers, I feel proud and privileged to be able to continue to develop and learn as a teacher. I would like to thank DCD (Dancers Career Development) for their support and I look forward to sharing my passion and yoga journey with likeminded yogis! Carpe diem!
  • Dimple KaradiaDimple Karadia
    x I came to my first Hot Yoga class in 2017 and I left feeling hooked! I had never really connected with any other fitness or exercise class in the past, always feeling slightly awkward and unable to focus. Yoga was the first time I felt connected both physically and mentally. I also found a strong sense of community that I hadn’t experienced in a long time. Never in a million years did I think I’d be teaching, the thought of speaking to a room full of people terrified me! However with encouragement from everyone around me, I took the plunge and I’m so glad I did! My purpose in class is to encourage students to embrace where they are at that present moment. To see that everything they seek is already within themselves.
  • Kesi Olley DoreyKesi Olley Dorey
    x Hi My name is kesi rose and I am an Professional Ballet Dancer and qualified Hatha, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. I found yoga almost 10 years ago. I practised throughout my training and professional career. In 2016 I made the decision to retire form the stage and my heart and natural direction went towards doing my Yoga Teacher Training. I competed my Training at The British Wheel of Yoga during my final year as a dancer. Yoga has given me so much already an appreciation for my body and mind for one. I have become so passionate about teaching and sharing yoga and all the benefits with others !