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Meet Our Teachers

  • Leanne WestonLeanne Weston
    x Having trained under the guidance of Bikram Choudhury, the original hot yoga guru, Leanne graduated in LA in 2012 before returning to London to share her wealth of knowledge. Leanne's personal journey involves overcoming a decade of back pain caused by scoliosis through yoga's transformative power. Now, she is devoted to guiding her students on their own paths to discovery through the practice. In her classes, Leanne delivers a powerful and invigorating experience while maintaining a serene and balanced atmosphere. Her aim is to provide students with a space to disconnect from the outside world, allowing them to reconnect with themselves. Expect Leanne's classes to be lively, challenging, and infused with her contagious passion for yoga. With each session, you'll leave feeling inspired and uplifted, ready to take on the world.
  • Amy PartridgeAmy Partridge
    x Amy's yoga journey started over a decade ago in Thailand and India, where she discovered the profound benefits of the practice. After returning home, she dedicated up to two hours daily to her practice, fuelling a vision to share yoga's transformative power with her local community. In 2012, Amy, alongside her best friend Leanne, completed Bikram Yoga teacher training, marking the beginning of a three-year journey to open Hot Yoga House in 2015. Specialising in Classic styles, Amy brings a perfect balance of power, strength, and energy to her classes, all while fostering a calm and clear mindset. Join her on the mat for a harmonious blend of physical vitality and mental serenity.
  • Chessie HutchingChessie Hutching
    x In 2020, Chessie left her corporate job behind to follow her passion for mindful movement with her mission to empower as many people as possible to become stronger, healthier and happier through the practice of Yoga. After numerous health issues from a young age she finally decided to look deeper into her healing journey which is how she found yoga, mindfulness, meditation & breathwork. Yoga changed her whole outlook on life and has taught her so much about the person she is today, how to treat her body and how to keep a positive mindset. She wants to be able to share her learnings with you through her classes. She has been teaching for 4 years & has 500 hours of training in various styles of yoga. Her style is dynamic and incorporates the different styles that she has studied.
  • Dimple KaradiaDimple Karadia
    x Dimple believes Yoga can provide a space for self discovery and mindfulness. She came to the practice when she needed grounding, soon discovering the many benefits growing stronger physically and mentally. Her classes integrate both strength and playfulness with a strong focus on the breath. Expect a dynamic class to challenge both mind and body.
  • GyGy
    x Driven by her healing journey, Gy discovered the transformative power of yoga as a means to address her mental health challenges. Through her personal experience, she found solace and inner peace on the mat, and it became her safe space and refuge to reconnect with her breath and find a sense of focus. As her love for yoga grew, in 2022, she completed a Classic and Vinyasa teacher training and in 2023 she also completed a Yin teacher training, both organised by HYH. Gy is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for her students, she is an advocate for yoga being for everybody regardless of strength, flexibility, age, gender, ethnicity, size, shape, background or level of fitness. Through her compassionate teaching style, she guides her students through gentle flows and restorative poses allowing them to release tension, build up strength and ultimately find balance and inner peace. Her favourite yoga quote is by Jigar Gor “Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.
  • Rob GarradRob Garrad
    x Rob has been a regular teacher at HYH since Jan 2018. Teaching flow and mix classes as well as occasionally popping in to cover Yinyang and Yin. As his main trainings has been in rocket with influences from top Iyengar teachers his classes focus on alignment in postures. Through his own practice he is a firm believer in the importance of maintaining a slow nasal breath throughout so you can expect lots of breath ques around this. The classes are strong yet fun and playful and there are always a few surprises along the way depending on influences from his own practices that week. From a dance and fitness background killer core exercise are always thrown in the mix.
  • VickyVicky
    x Vicky found Yoga saved her in so many ways and she loves sharing the passion of the physical and mental benefits- perhaps one day that all marinates into a beautiful balance between the two. She has studied anatomy and physiology in great depth prior to finding her career in yoga in 2009. She is super passionate about engaging the strength and direction of the mind to be able regain mobility and flexibility both in mind and body. Her classes are compassionate. She will give clear and precise instruction and always respect peoples limitations and journeys. Expect to be guided, motivated and perhaps asked in time to challenge your own boundaries. She looks forward forward to meeting you in both Hot and Yin classes.
  • Peggy-Rose CradduckPeggy-Rose Cradduck
    x Peggy Rose loves helping students enjoy and grow in their practice. At HYH you’ll mostly find her teaching the hot classic classes. Expect to build balance, strength and flexibility….and lots of sweating. Using mostly words, with the occasion demo, she will guide students through their practise - supporting, caring for you and encouraging you to maintain your primary focus on your breathing and alignment. She believes all the postures are accessible to you, helping you build your asanas - to where you can - from the first movement, working with your breath and alignment. Your depth and height in asanas will come with time. As such, you are able to see and feel you growth from class to class. Her goal is to help and support you - and if on the day that means you need to sit on your mat calmly breathing and visualising doing the postures – She is there for you. your practise. Prepare to sweat and smile. Having worked as a management consultant in UK, USA, Europe and Australia for many years, I was looking for a change and decided that 2013 would be the year I became a Bikram Yoga Teacher. After teacher training I left the city job to work freelance, as well as to teach yoga. I am also a Bowen practitioner and Stretch Teacher. Since completing my yoga teacher training in November 2013, I have taught at studios in Montpellier, Glasgow, Australia (Sydney and Canberra), Norwich and, of course, London.
  • Natalie SmikleNatalie Smikle
    x Natalie is an encouraging teacher who believes strongly in the healing power of yoga having experienced her own accomplishments both on and off the mat. Bringing humour and compassion to the room, Natalie reminds her yogis to practice freely and fearlessly whilst teaching the simple, powerful foundations of Baptiste inspired Yoga to craft sweaty and dynamic flows.
  • Michele WalshMichele Walsh
    x I am so delighted to be part of the Hot Yoga House Team. It was in 2015 that I came to my first class at HYH and it was like coming home. This space, this heat, this powerful practice… I knew I was hooked. I started with Bikram and then added Flow to my practice. Attending 4+ classes each week, I have not looked back… I am extremely lucky to have been in the first cohort of teacher training at HYH, training with the incredible Karen Bellfield and Pete Cherry. I have worked with the physical body my entire adult life as a Neuro-Physio and in my work I see every day the total interconnectedness of our physical health and our mental-emotional well-being. In Yoga we have a complete and holistic approach to our well-being: as we work through the heat we build mental fortitude; we develop discipline and focus by persevering through the sequences; and we feel healthier as our bodies become stronger, leaner and more supple. I am passionate about teaching a kind and powerful practice. Coming to my mat brings me joy and well-being and as a teacher I get to share this.
  • Amy BaconAmy Bacon
    x Having attended her first Hot Yoga class in 2018 to help alleviate the discomfort of minor injuries and the stress of a demanding job, Amy found herself coming back to the hot room to practice several times a week. Through regularly practicing hot yoga, she found the benefits were endless - for body and mind - and fell in love with the discipline. Amy completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Hot Yoga House in 2022 under the guidance and expertise of Karen Bellfield and Pete Cherry. Amy’s classes lead students in a practice that unifies strength and alignment in a nurturing environment.
  • Heidi MuschalikHeidi Muschalik
    x Heidi’s classes are challenging and fun. She encourages her students to work hard but to also bring a sense of humour and enjoy the class. She asks students to push that little bit further if they feel they can and take their practice to a new place, breaking down barriers and reaching new goals but also at the same time, maintaining a sense of calmness and balance. She hope to have her students leave feeling cleansed, uplifted and invigorated.
  • Uta Maria CaronUta Maria Caron
    x Uta has been practicing yoga for 8 years at HYH and qualified as Classic and Vinyasa teacher in Summer 2022 at our in-house teacher training. She enjoys and teaches a dynamic practice aimed at building strength and endurance in body and mind. Nevertheless, her classes are adapted to all levels, containing options for whether you are new and are building strength or you are more advanced and like to push your limits. You are stronger than you think, and as long as you keep breathing, you will have a great experience. You will feel strong and energised after a practice with Uta and will want to come back for more.
  • Clare RickardClare Rickard
    x Discovering yoga at 17, I started practicing Ashtanga. During my theatre training I discovered Bikram and loved the intensity of it. Practicing alongside my performance schedule has kept me grounded and focused. I am grateful for the mind/body/breath connection that it instills and the constant challenges and benefits that it brings. I am fascinated by the body, the brain and the power and effect of yoga. Yoga leaves one feeling connected and rejuvenated and helps put things into perspective.
  • OliviaOlivia
    x Olivia’s teaching style comes from the heart, she tries to inspire her students with the love and passion she feels for the practice. She keeps a high energy in her classes and pays close attention to the individual student, helping develop the student’s understanding of their own full potential, while allowing space for playfulness and fun. Olivia has learned the Advanced A series and some of the Advanced B Series of the Ashtanga Yoga System.
  • TessTess
    x Tess discovered yoga 6 years ago and used it as a way to create balance within the mind and body. She took to it instantly and since has practiced regularly continuing to explore the mind-body and breath connection. She enjoys the mental and physical challenge the heat adds to the practice, the discipline we develop and the process our bodies go through to become stronger, healthier and more flexible. Tess considers herself to be a willing listener and guide, believing everyone should have the opportunity to practice yoga. She is passionate about the healing aspect of yoga, encouraging students to overcome mental blocks, explore their potential and enhance their practice at pace in a calm and balanced environment.
  • SurajSuraj
    x Suraj aims to spread the physical and mental benefits of yoga and to help as many people as possible along the way. His classes focus on ensuring you are safe and doing as much as you can with the body you have today by giving you space to explore your practice. Once he gets to know you and your practice better, he will start to work with you to try and move to the next space in your practice, both physically and mentally. There is always something new to learn in every class. Additionally, he has in depth experience on helping people with knee injuries.