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For Beginners

Before Class:

Make sure you have eaten, but not too much! Eat around 2-3 hours before class so you are not practicing on a full or empty stomach. Practicing on a full stomach can make you feel sick whilst practicing on an empty stomach will make you feel dizzy and nauseous. If you are practicing early in the morning, a small snack will be enough

Drink plenty of water – Be prepared to sweat a lot! Make sure you come fully hydrated

Arrive 15 minutes early – To give you time to register, change and find your spot in the room

You will need to bring:

*In adherence to Covid guidelines you must now provide your own mat, towels and other props. These items can be purchased at reception if needed. Shower and changing facilities are available but at reduced capacity to allow for social distancing

2 towels (one for in class and one for your shower after) and water.

Please bring your own mat and any props you require for your practice

Dress lightly. Tight fitting light, breathable clothing is best.

During Class:

Place yourself in the middle or back row: So your fellow yogis in the front can guide you through your practice

Lay your towel on top of your mat

Hold off on water until the warmup is complete (around 15 minutes)

Stay in the room. It may be tempting to walk out of the room at certain times. The best thing for your body is to sit or lie down on your mat until you are feeling ready to join back in

Listen to your body. Only you know how far you can comfortably push yourself. Listen to those signs that your body offers you. Don’t feel the need to “keep going” or push harder when you know you could risk injury, just breathe and enjoy being where you are now

After Class:

The studio will close 15 minutes after class ends to allow for cleaning between classes. Shower and changing facilities are available but please move through quickly to allow other yogis to get their turn

Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water

Don’t rush out. Lie down on your mat and take a few minutes to relax and enjoy your final savasana before leaving class